Friday, July 25, 2014

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

Sometimes, I HATE writing blog posts! It seems to me, the more passionate I feel about a book, the harder it seems to say anything worthy about it. I have this fantastic, sometimes even MAGNIFICENT, idea in my head that I struggle to convey on a mere computer screen. 

This is why I just LOVE Ashley Spires new book. The little girl in the book seems to go through the same steps I do as I desperately try to find the words to share my thoughts and feelings about a book. She has a MAGNIFICENT idea, a trusty sidekick (maybe thats where I'm going wrong ;) ), and access to some pretty cool supplies. She sits down to get her ideas to come to life and finds that sometimes the MAGNIFICENT thing is the process. The product seems easier to attain when you make peace with the process. 

I have started this blog post 4 times already. I did not use a single line from my previous 4 attempts, but those attempts helped me realize what I did want to say and, what I didn't. I find parallels in The Most Magnificent Thing to my life as a writer because that is what I struggle to refine. The beauty of this book is that, I feel, anyone could relate. We all have times where we have an idea of what the end product looks like and we learn along the way that it is the learning experience that matters. (a excellent example of why I hate cooking!) This book has a fantastic message for every reader!

Ashley Spires' book is truly a magnificent thing! 

*If by chance you are unfamiliar with any of Ashley Spires previous works, I recommend you hunt them down immediately! #BinkyforPresident

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